Minister of Health Paulette Lenert gave an update about the current coronavirus situation in Luxembourg and reiterated the strict measures taken by the government on Sunday.

For organisational purposes the government aims to provide an update about the situation in Luxembourg every morning at 9am.

Currently the Grand Duchy is in the second-to-last phase of controlling the pandemic, having now closed down all public spaces and eateries and approaching a possible lockdown situation.

One key focus is to make sure the health sector stays up and running and avoid a sanitary crisis due to implemented measures. The minister again urged all members of the public to stay indoors when possible and avoid social contact.

Elderly and vulnerable

The elderly and vulnerable should stay home, but neighbours and family members are urgently asked to prevent serious cases of lonliness by checking up on them once in a while with a phone call.


France is about to implement stronger measures due to people not respecting the current restrictions. This must not happen in Luxembourg, Lenert said. The government wants to avoid having to implement even stricter measures. 
As of this morning German borders with Luxembourg are closed. The government here was unaware and unprepared regarding this matter as it was only informed when the measure was already in place.

Cross-border workers are required to fill in a form, stating their workplace and home. This form is mandatory as of Tuesday morning as all cars will be checked on the German border.

Although France has not implemented this measure yet it may follow suit. Those not adhering to this measure will be fined.

Infrastructure to remain in place

Key infrastructure and services will continue operating: electricity, water, garbage and sewage services, public transport, banks and health services.

This was previously announced during the press conference on Sunday.

Sunday's press briefing - key points at a glance


Nine crèches will remain open: Rumelange, Biwer, Strassen, Ettelbruck,  Hobscheid, Troisvierges, Niederanven, Wiltz and the Zitha Hospital in Luxembourg City.

Care sector

Those individuals in the care sector that are unable to go back home abroad are welcome to stay at hotels in Luxembourg, even with complete families.

60% of health workers in Luxembourg come from abroad, so they are of vital importance.

Furthermore, young medical students have offered to volunteer and help out where needed.

The government will put together some sort of contact list to figure out where these volunteers can be placed.

Find information and a FAQ about the Leave for Family Reasons here.

Online platform for groceries

Francoise Schlink announced that an online platform for ordering foodstuffs will be made available.

Vulnerable people and seniors older than 65 can make use of this service. Roughly 40 products will be made available, with additional fruit and vegetables.

Restaurants and cafés will most likely announce partial unemployment, but can continue take-away and delivery services.

Employees from this sector have the right to stay at home.

Details by Dr Romain Nati from the CHL

The coronavirus can develop into a serious lung infection. Usually these infections are treated with antibiotics, but currently for this type of virus there is no medicine available.

There are, however, certain types of medication in the making that have not yet been commercialised.

Read our GP Q&A here

In a worst case scenario a patient is given oxygen. If the situation worsens, a patient is placed in artificial respiration.

The CHL is currently treating coronavirus case. If demand exceeds supply, patients will be distributed across four hospitals.

Drive through testing in Junglinster

Currently the CHL has 24 ventilated rooms, which can be increased to 50 (using, for example, an operation room).

Currently one patient is treated with artificial respiration.

Stocks of masks are currently at a good level. In case of doubt, take Paracetamol, the doctor advised. 
Opinions differ on use of anti-inflammatories against Covid-19

Restocking via Cargolux

Last but not least, two Cargolux aircraft will be dispatched when required to pick up and refill necessary stocks.

Lenert reassured the public that there was sufficient stock available at this point and also the near future.