The French health minister has issued a warning against using ibruprofen to reduce coronavirus symptoms, but experts cannot seem to agree on official advice.

A plethora of fake news stories have been spread recently concerning the coronavirus, one of which began circulating on Whatsapp on Saturday.

The false story cited a non-existent study by the Vienna MediUni, which said that symptoms of Covid-19 worsened if patients were taking anti-inflammatories such as ibruprofen.

The university released a statement refuting the story and confirmed no such study had taken place.

There is equally no scientific proof that blood pressure medication affects the virus.

In conjunction with this, French health minister Olivier Véran advised in a tweet on Sunday that patients should use paracetamol to reduce symptoms of fever, rather than ibruprofen or cortisone.

Véran, a qualified doctor, said anti-inflammatories could aggravate symptoms, but that patients should consult their own doctors in case of concerns.