Our colleagues from RTL 5Minutes put together this short but eye-opening list in relation to some of the 'Burg's pricier areas.

To establish this ranking, we based our findings on the latest figures compiled by Liser.

Taking into consideration the price per square metre of houses and apartments recorded between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. To clarify following reader questions, the ranking is based on the combined global price per square metre for both flats and houses.

In fifth place

Kopstal, located in the canton of Capellen, is the only commune featured in the top 5 not to be part of the canton of Luxembourg.

The average price advertised for an apartment is 9,867 euros per square metre. For a house, you will have to pay 6,817 euros metre of the square variety.

The average price of an apartment in Kopstal is 1,087,639 euros, and the average price of a house is 1,794,371 euros.

In Fourth

The commune of Walferdange, a popular satellite town, ranks fourth most costly. Here apartments are priced at 9,426 euros per square metre, with houses trading at 8,041 euros per sq m.

The average price of an apartment is 760,223 euros, and that of a house is 1,568,575 euros.

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The municipality of Strassen comes in third. Price per square meter here is set at 9,358 eur for an apartment and houses at 8,398.

The average price of an apartment exceeds one million and can climb to 1,002,436 euros, whereas the average price of a house is 1,777,728 euros.

'Runner up' 

Bertrange is the most expensive municipality in the country outside the capital. Here you will have to stump up 10,796 euros per square meter for an apartment, and 8,702 euros per sq m for a house.

The average price of an apartment is 878,052 euros, for a house, you are looking at 1,780,379 euros.

The most expensive commune is....

It should come as no surprise that the capital tops the list.

In Luxembourg City, the price per square metre for apartments is on average 11,657 euros, with houses averaging 8,971 euros per sq m.

The average price of an apartment is 894,929 euros, and for a house, you'd be looking at splashing out a budget of 1,560,709 euros.

In its latest study on residential real estate in Europe, Deloitte ranked Luxembourg in second place in Europe, just behind Paris, but a little ahead of London in comparative costs per square metre.