Over the years, the internet has almost become a parallel world to our own.

Moien and welcome back to Learn Luxembourgish with RTL Today! Over the past weeks, we have covered some fairly "classic" language topics: How to say hello, asking for directions, how to order at a restaurant… And while these topics are classics for a reason, it would be foolish of us to ignore a major part of everyday life in the 21st Century: the internet.

Seeing as we spend an increasing amount of time in the online world, both at the workplace and at home, it's high time that we learn how to navigate the digital world in Luxembourgish.

In fact, without the world wide web, you would not be reading these lessons at all! All the more reason for us to give you an overview of how to talk about the online world as well as computers and social media in Luxembourgish.

As you may know, the English language is king when it comes to the internet. It should thus come as no surprise that you can use a lot of the words you already know from English in Luxembourgish as well. Nonetheless, there are still a few aspects that are different, and we'll point these out to you as we go along.

There's also a new entry in our Language Basics series waiting for you – we're talking about adjectives this time!

Useful phrases

The world of the internet is filled with numerous specific words and terms. Below are some common phrases related to the online world. Let's have a look at what's (nearly) the same and what's different:

You'll find further information on this website

Op dëser Websäit fënns de weider Informatiounen.

Lesson 18_01


Good to know: Okay, so "website" is a tricky term. Some of you may know that – technically speaking – a website and a web page are not the same. A web page is a single document on the world wide web under a unique URL, while a website is basically a collection of connected web pages. In everyday conversation, however, these nuances are usually lost, both in English and in Luxembourgish. So, whether you say Websäit, Website, Internetsäit, Internetsite… you'll be fine.

If you need anything, just send me an e-mail.

Schreif mer einfach eng E-mail, wann s de eppes brauchs.

Do you know whether I need to download a specific programme?

Weess du, op ech ee bestëmmte Programm muss downloaden / eroflueden?

She uploaded the file yesterday.

Hatt huet d'Datei gëschter eropgelueden.

Lesson 18_02


Good to know: The verb uploaden is listed in the LOD, so you can use it if you want. However, contrary to downloaden, it is used far less and eroplueden thus sounds a lot more natural.

Which search engine do you use?

Wéi eng Sichmaschinn benotz du?

We need to update the software.

Mir mussen d'Software updaten / aktualiséieren.

The invoice is attached.

D'Rechnung ass ugespéngelt.

Click on this link.

Klickt op dëse Link.

He liked my new post almost immediately.

Hien huet mäin neie Post / Bäitrag bal direkt geliked.

You can send me a private message (PM) / direct message (DM) if you want.

Du kanns mir eng Privatnoriicht schécken, wann s de wëlls.

Follow us on…

Followed eis op…

I saw that she shared this post yesterday.

Ech hu gesinn, datt hatt dee Post / Bäitrag gëschter gedeelt huet.

I think there's something wrong with my keyboard.

Ech mengen, meng Tastatur ass futti.

He needs to buy a new mouse.

Hie muss eng nei Maus kafen.

Lesson 18_03

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