Time to take your skills outside of your residential building and into some more real-life situations!

Welcome back to another Luxembourgish lesson! We hope you had no problems finding your way to our classroom, it can be a bit tricky finding your way around town, especially with the new construction site and the recent changes to the rescheduled adapted bus plan… You know, thinking about it, maybe it's just best to show you how to ask for directions in Luxembourgish.

It's true, navigating has perhaps never been easier than nowadays. The vast majority of the population has some type of smartphone, and by simply pressing an app icon various map services can guide you almost anywhere.

However, there are still situations where you will have to resort to more "old fashioned" ways of finding your way. Maybe you have left your phone at home, forgotten to charge it, or perhaps the location you're looking for is a bit trickier to find.

Before we'll dive into how to ask a local for directions, you might want to have a look at our Language Basics 3 article over here. This time, it's all about the difference between op and bäi, two little words that we'll encounter in today's lesson and that might cause a bit of confusion at first.

Direction words

left -> lénks

right  -> riets

up -> uewen

down -> ënnen / donidden

straight ahead -> riichtaus

the bend / turn -> d'Kéier

the corner -> den Eck

the street -> d'Strooss

the alley -> d'Gaass (sometimes also: Gässel)



Asking for directions

Excuse me… -> Entschëllegt…

Where is…? -> Wou ass…?


Remember: When using nouns in Luxembourgish, keep the difference between the definite articles d', de, den in mind. If you've missed it or forgotten how it works, check our first Language Basics article here.

Could you tell me how to get to…? -> Kéint Dir mir soen, wéi ech op / bei … kommen?

How do I get to … from here?  -> Wéi kommen ech vun hei op / bei …?

I'm looking for… ->  Ech sichen no der / no dem / nom (nom is a more colloquial way of saying no dem)


Giving directions

Go straight ahead -> Gitt riichtaus

Turn left / right -> Gitt no lénks / riets

Turn … at the … -> Gitt no … beim / bei dem

Follow this street / alleyway -> Gitt dëser Strooss / Gaass no


Useful names of places / buildings / landmarks

the town / city Hall -> d'Gemeng (in some parts of Luxembourg, especially in the centre and south: d'Märei)

the church -> d'Kierch

the city centre -> de Stadkäer (a lot of people also use the French centre ville)

the supermarket -> de Supermarché

the marketplace -> d'Maartplatz

the restaurant -> de Restaurant

the school (general) -> d'Schoul

the secondary school -> de Lycée

the nursery school -> d'Spillschoul

the swimming pool -> d'Schwämm / d'Piscine

the sports centre -> d'Sporthall


As always, this is merely a selection of commonly used words. If you're looking for a place or building that is not on this list, you can always use the search function on LOD.lu to look it up.