Since the release of an article regarding a cold case from the 1980s, two new leads have been submitted to the German police.

In June 2023, as part of Interpol's larger "Identify Me" campaign, the case of an unidentified woman - found dead near the A6 motorway towards Heilbronn - was presented to the general public on the show "Aktenzeichen XY".

Despite the many years since the discovery of the body in 1984, the broadcast generated a substantial response with numerous individuals coming forward — providing more than 100 leads. Her identity remains a mystery to this day. However, a possible connection with the Grand Duchy has prompted an appeal to help identify the woman.

A lead from Luxembourg has now been taken into account and investigated.

What does the lead entail exactly?

In response to inquiries with the Heidelberg police, who are responsible for the investigation, a police spokesperson shared numerous details. After the publication of the article on RTL, a person from Luxembourg came forward, suggesting that the unidentified woman might be her friend, who went missing under unexplained circumstances in 1984 and remains unaccounted for. The identity of this missing woman has not been shared by authorities.

This same person had previously contacted the Heidelberg police in 2007 with this theory. However, at that time, DNA analysis conclusively established that the unidentified body did not belong to the missing woman from Luxembourg, as the DNA profiles did not match with members of the missing woman's family.

Following a further appeal for information in Luxembourg, no relevant information has been provided. Regarding the 1984 case, Luxembourg authorities were unable to provide information about the missing woman's friend.

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Tracking down her identity

Efforts to identify the woman found dead in Germany continue. Recently, the Federal Criminal Police received a new lead. The spokesperson stated that: "This lead is currently under evaluation, and investigations are being conducted based on it. However, at the current stage of the investigation, we cannot provide any information."


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