In a mid morning update, the government has confirmed a total of 798 cases of coronavirus infection in Luxembourg.

There have been no further deaths recorded.

The new total shows an increase of 128 on yesterday's figures.
The authorities have made several appeals this week asking everyone to "stay at home".

A guideline that has not been followed everywhere.

Deputy Prime Minister François Bausch confirmed this week that he would call on army personnel to enforce containment measures "if necessary"."

2,000 calls are taken by the Coronavirus hotline daily.

1,500 people are tested daily (revised from 750 as per Saturday’s information)  across the Grand Duchy, and the average age of a person taking a test is 46 years old.

The information so far given on the details of those who have lost their lives, we are aware of only the facts that all were over 80 years and old and had previous health issues.

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