Luxembourg has always been defined by its sense of solidarity in difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic will not change that.

Luxembourg has recorded 51 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Saturday. It is undeniable that the situation is starting to be critical and, as Minister of Health Paulette Lenert put it, "unprecedented." The virus is here, but so is solidarity.

A multitude of determined individuals took the initiative to bring to life various groups to lend a helping hand to vulnerable citizens. Think general support, dog-walking, or picking up prescriptions.

Luxembourg's FNEL scouts and guides association counts an abundance of unswerving volunteers across the country. FNEL offer support to vulnerable members of society. They for example help people with grocery shopping, dog-walking, or completing daily tasks such as going the post office, bank, or pharmacy. 

People in need of support can contact the association via phone (27 400 496) or email ( The hotline and email service will become operational at 2pm on Sunday and open from 9am until 5pm every day after that.

GoldenMe is another project that aims to support Luxembourg's elderly. They came up with this heartwarming initiative to let older members of society know that they are not alone.

Jacques Glodt, who was extremely active when the tornado ripped through Luxembourg, again started a helpful initiative. He complied a sheet that neighbours can fill out to lend a helping hand to those who require it.

The creators of the Lorentzweiler Facebook group similarly compiled a list featuring volunteers that are willing to help the elderly, other vulnerable members of society, and those who were quarantined at home.

Sebastiaan van den Heuvel founded the Volunteer help against Corona - Luxembourg group. His goal is to have a collective platform to coordinate support efforts. Corona-Virus-Hëllef-Lëtzebuerg is a similar group.

Private individuals also brought to life numerous initiatives. Jacquie Linden is one of them.

Luxembourg's expats are also doing everything in their power to promote solidarity. Luxembourg Coronavirus Support Group is a Facebook group where people can share or exchange all kinds of coronavirus-related information and services.

Mark Kitchell meanwhile uses Reddit to collect and exchange information. He has also started an alternate Coronavirus support group on Facebook.

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Remember that it's important not to panic or spread fear. You can find answers to common questions from Luxembourg's Chief Medical officer here.

Also remember to follow's advice on preventing spread.

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