The Bazar International de Luxembourg is back this year - and almost as excited, we're going to be there!

You may remember our rather excited article about the return of the Bazar - at Luxexpo, on Friday 26 November, Saturday 27, and Sunday 28 (full times here) - and the follow-up revealing that it'll be inaugurated by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

Well, what we haven't yet told you is that we are their first-ever official media partners! We (not least yours truly) really love the bazar, and the fact that it provides delicious food and smashing gifts from across the world, showcasing Luxembourg's inimitably international population, all while raising money for charity.

The event had to be cancelled last year, as you likely know, and this year has presented a host of challenges in its own right. With that in mind, we thought we would try to offer as much support as we can.. so you will see a lot of articles about the Bazar International here on Today both leading up to the main event and throughout the year, with exclusive interviews and information you can't find anywhere else, as well as a bunch of audio and video treats (stay tuned for that part).

More on that soon, but for now we can reveal that..

We'll be there!

Yeppity yeppers! Your favourite ragtag group of English editors, translators, live-tickers, opinion-writers, podcasters, and whatever else we are will be at this years event.

RTL Today will have a stand at the event, where we will:

  • Chat with anyone who wants to chat;
  • Share our opinion on porridge (it's awful);
  • Eat delicious food from around the world;
  • Shuffle awkwardly to the music when we think no-one's watching;
  • Argue fervently in favour of pineapple on pizza;
  • Engage anyone who dares challenge us to arm-wrestling matches (due to covid, these will be distanced events where we stand at least 2 metres apart and try to gauge who's winning based on very little beyond who we reckon looks stronger);
  • Sign autographs*.

What we will also do is give away a MacBook! Perhaps we should've led with that one.. We'll have an old school pen and paper quiz, and we'll draw a winner from the people with the highest number of correct answers at the end of the weekend.. so make sure you read up on: (1) the history of the International Bazar (we have plenty of reading material right here on site), (2) general Luxembourg knowledge (again, we've got all the info you need in our Insider section), and of course (3) whether porridge is an acceptable breakfast.

There'll be prizes for a few runners-up as well, of course.

*We expect demand to be exceedingly low, so don't feel you have to arrive early and queue before doors open.