A dozen new security guards are once again on the move in the capital after having been tasked by the Mayor to patrol three specific areas of the capital.

The video of a security dog attacking a man in the Gare area in early September 2021 was the last straw in an already controversial debate on the use of a security company to ensure surveillance in certain districts of the capital. Security, however, is said to be the sole responsibility of the police.

A controversy that went as far as The Left calling for the resignation of Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer, who responded by saying that she would not step down because of drug dealers.

Since 15 March, twelve guards from a private security company have been carrying out "a mission to monitor property and infrastructure" in the City centre and in the Bonnevoie and Gare districts, the mayor revealed on Wednesday.

The mission was approved by the Ministry of Justice. The Aldermen Council finally awarded the contract to the limited liability company Vigicore Lux, which submitted the lowest bid. The exact amount, however, has not been disclosed. In December, newspaper Wort reported that the capital's budget was set at €600,000.

The twelve officers are responsible for guarding the City's property every weekday from 5pm to 11pm and until 1am on weekends. They will make their rounds according to a precise plan.

Mayor Polfer also announced on Wednesday during the 'City Breakfast' that she wants to reinstall cameras to ensure the video surveillance of Hamilius and Aldringen squares, but also of Avenue Monterey.

A set of 24 cameras might still be installed before July, but it is up to the City council to decide. It will meet on Monday 27 March to give its opinion on the subject.