People queue to enter supermarket parking lots as UHT milk, tinned food, bottled water, nappies, and toilet paper nearly sold out.

Parking lots overflowing with cars. Caddies filled to the brim with long-life food, milk, and water. Long queues at every till. Shelves empty or quickly emptying. This is what we saw at three supermarkets this morning.

We visited Cactus and Lidl in Bereldange/Beggen, and Delhaize in Walferdange over the course of an hour, as people are responding to yesterday's coronavirus developments by stocking up on essentials.

The first sign that people are clearly worried about the current situation came upon arrival to Cactus in Bereldange - there was a small queue of about five cars lined on the road, waiting to enter the parking lot. The same was true at the nearby Lidl. Every single parking spot was taken outside both shops, though there was still a fair few at the Delhaize in Walferdange.

Entering Cactus, cashiers were working frantically to serve the unusual serge in customer numbers, with each queue around 15 people deep, and many had filled their caddies to the point of overflowing. One couple left the shop with around 30 large bottles of water and 5 packets of pasta, and nothing else, though most people took a more rounded approach to their so-called 'prepping'.

The shelves in Cactus were still relatively well-stocked, though there were clear signs that things are starting to sell out - not least tinned goods. Lidl had been harder hit, with nearly every freezer empty of any products, nearly all toilet paper and bottled water gone, and the shelves for tinned and long-life food eerily empty. Delhaize lay somewhere between the two - they had no more potatoes, and tinned food, UHT milk, nappies, toilet paper, cheaper meats, and bottled water running very low or altogether sold out.

The above gallery includes pictures from all three supermarkets.

Cactus: We have plenty of stock left, we just can't reach the shelves

We spoke to a customer service representative for the Cactus supermarket chain to follow up on the above. He assured us that the chain has plenty left in stock in all of the seemingly sold out categories, but their employees are struggling to restock the shelves due to the high volume of customers in store.

They also expect all deliveries to continue as normal, and have no indication that there will be any disruption to their supply chain. Their central warehouse also has a lot of additional stock ready to be delivered out to the individual shops.

In essence, their message was very much that there is no need to worry.

Auchan's response similar

Auchan has also issued a statement calling for calm, and reassuring people that while long-life products are running low in store today, they remain able to restock on a daily basis with fresh deliveries.

They also stated that they are taking steps to ensure that spread of the virus within their shops is minimised by implementing increased cleaning and disinfecting of, for instance, shopping trolleys. They have also closed the children's area.

Finally, they urge people to shop responsibly so as to ensure that everyone - not least the most fragile - can meet their basic needs, thus calling for "respectful and reasoned consumption."

A note to shoppers

Remember that supply chains are still in operation. While it's understandable that many of you will want to ensure you have a supply of food and other essentials, keep in mind that there are others out there who may also need milk, toilet paper, nappies, and food. Be mindful of one and other, stay calm, and don't buy more than you realistically need.