Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider and Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg have supplied figures on the Fage yogurt factory expected to be based between Dudelange and Bettembourg.

The factory is a $170 million investment likely to create around one hundred jobs and produce an annual 40,000 tonnes of Greek yogurt.

The ministers provided these up-to-date figures concerning the installation of a FAGE factory in the south of the country. Specifically, figures refer to the first phase of the installation process.

Both ministers highlighted if the first phase worked successfully, production could double in a second phase with an average additional investment of $70 million.

On the environmental side, ministers Schneider and Dieschbourg announced that the capacity of water required to run such a factory would be guaranteed as of 2021. A new SEBES treatment centre would become operation in Eschdorf, delivering water to FAGE's production unit.

Schneider and Dieschbourg gave these latest figures in response to a parliamentary question submitted by CSV MP Claude Wiseler.

One question remained unanswered (and was technically not asked by Wiseler), which is how far environmental authorisations and tests have proceeded concerning the construction of the factory.