RTL Today's man of the people, Gerry Erang, was at the demo bringing you live updates and impressions from Luxembourg's version of the Fridays for Future movement.


The march came to its end at the Kinnekswiss park, having snaked through the city via the Passerelle and Adolphe bridges, Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt, and the Grand Rue. Having started at the train station as a march and protest, the protest rapidly transformed into something more akin to a rally or a festival at the park.

The programme included speeches and music at the park. Notably, organisers presented their demands to the government, reiterating that the consequences of climate change concerns their future. Today's protest was designed as a student protest and will be followed by a general protest in a week's time. However, it should be noted that students were not the only protesters present at the march. A survey undertaken on behalf of Atoz tax advisers' was published on Thursday, highlighting that 73% of the Luxembourgish population is worried about the effects of climate change.

Live reporting below

School students in Luxembourg have been encouraged to join the climate strike on Friday 20 September, meeting in the station district.

VIDEO: Youth for climate
Gare protests

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Students have already begun the trip toward the start of the demo.

Gerry Erang is among the crowds: "Protesters heating up at central station which chants ringing out; 'What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!'". The voice of the youth is resounding through streets.

Crowds are gathering at the Gare Centrale in the city. An appeal by Youth for Climate Luxembourg and Greenpeace has called for students to leave classes at 10am on Friday, assembling outside the city's main train station by 11am. From there, they will march to the Kinnekswiss park, where concerts and speeches will be held to denounce the government's environmental policies, which have been deemed insufficient.

Chants and demands

VIDEO: Youth for climate
Chants warming up

Interview with one of the protesters

VIDEO: Interview with one of the organisers
Interview with one of the organisers of the student strikes.

The March has begun

The march began moving at around 11.20am, heading away from the main train station through to the Kinnekswiss via the Passerelle bridge and Boulevard de la Petrusse.

VIDEO: Youth for Climate 4
The protest continues.

According to our reporter Gerry Erang, a police spokesperson has estimated that 1,000 students are involved in the Luxembourg march. We should get an estimate from the organisers later too. By now, protesters have moved to the Adolphe Bridge.

VIDEO: Youth for Climate 5
Some passionate signs are shown as the march goes on through Luxembourg City and protesters chant 'This is what democracy looks like'.

Just before 1pm, the march passed through Boulevard Royal, which is closed to traffic. Before, protesters were heading up Grand Rue.

VIDEO: Youth for Climate 6
The march continues.

The march is steadily reaching its destination as protesters filter through Avenue de la Porte Neuve to reach the Kinnekswiss.

The march may have reached its destination, but this does not mean that the protest has come to an end. There will be speeches, live music, and more. As our reporter tells us, the atmosphere is quite jovial by this point.

The first speech outlines Youth for Climate Luxembourg's demands to the government. The main one is of course no surprise if you have been following our coverage - the group urges the government to declare a climate emergency.

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Around the world

In what is pitted to perhaps be the largest global protest movement, marches are occurring all over the globe. Students have come together in Australian cities like Melbourne and Newcastle, in India's Mumbai and Assam, and are starting throughout Europe too.



Around 10,000 protesters were counted at the Newcastle march. Organisers estimate that around 300,000 individuals rallied at protests throughout Australia.




However, not everyone is convinced. Some people have pointed out that critics of environmentalists are no longer able to deny the impact of climate change and have instead turned to attacking protesters.


VIDEO: Youth for climate 3
Crowd footage