Hundreds of volunteers, 600-700 Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps employees, and people from other communes and municipalities travel to Pétange, Lamadeleine and Käerjeng to provide help and support. (Video and Audio in Luxembourgish)

A report following Friday's tornado determined the incident's total damage caused: 19 people were injured, 2 remain hospitalised and 1 person remains in a critical condition.

Roughly 90 houses remain, at least in the short term, uninhabitable.

AUDIO: Taina Bofferding - Et gouf immens vill geschafft
AUDIO: Taina Bofferding - 90 Haiser mat groussem Schued

Grand Duke Henri, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Minister for Home Affairs Taina Bofferding and Minister for Employment Dan Kersch all travelled to the affected areas in order to see the extent of the damage themselves, with Bettel and Bofferding both cutting their holidays short especially. Saturday evening then saw the government assemble for a special council state meeting.

In the press conference that followed, Taina Bofferding declared that reality eclipsed the photos of the damage, while Xavier Bettel maintained that most people had only ever seen this level of devastation in films.

Roughly 1000 emergency calls were made to 112, and 380 people called the hotline, both asking for help as well as inquiring as to how to help. The hotline remains open.

A total of 314 residences reported damage, with the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps performing inspections until Sunday evening, according to general director Paul Schroeder. The cleanup operations will probably last throughout the coming week.

Most of the main roads and the Biff roundabout have been reopened, however, according to Taina Boffering.

The danger surrounding the upturned pylons has also abated, and shops will be able to reopen on Sunday and/or Monday.

All the rubble amassed during clearing operations was temporarily deposited in some of Pétange's industrial grounds. From Monday onward, this is to be sorted and its removal coordinated.

An exact figure relating to the damage caused has not yet been issued, but PM Bettel assured that while the government would not be responsible for insurance payouts, no one would be left in the lurch.

Both private people and businesses will be able to claim for special help from Monday onwards. The necessary information can be found at the websites of the Minister for Family Affairs, Minister for Housing, Minister of the Economy and Minister for Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises, or at The government will also be supporting the municipalities.

The government will be undertaking the investigations necessary to determine whether or not houses are habitable, since financial issues should not be cause for delay.

There will be further meetings issuing further statements and information in Pétange and Käerjeng throughout the coming week.

If people don't know where they might find accommodation, they are to call 8002 8080: shelter will be provided for everyone.

Finally, 12 people working for psychology services will be available for anyone in need of support. Oftentimes the shock will really only hit a few days following an incident, and people should not be afraid - or ashamed - to ask for professional help. They cab be put in touch with the right person by calling the hotline number provided.