Joe Thein came to politics early in life and formed his own conservative party in 2017.

Thein started politics at the tender age of 16, elected communal councillor of Pétange, first vice-president of the Young Conservatives of Europe and President of the ADR Youth Organisation. Due to disputes with ADR he formed his own party on 21 March 2017.

Thein has always been interested in history, politics and how society works. "I think more young people should be engaged in politics. It's their future, it's about them".

"Only conservative party in Luxembourg"

Thein sees his party as filling a needed gap between the CSV, "too left wing", and ADR, "too right wing". He is a keen disciple of Edmund Burke's philosophies, the founding father of the conservative movement. Thein's abiding motto is:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." (usually attributed to Edmund Burke)

Issues which ride high for Déi Konservativ are: 
- increasing the Luxembourgish language for national identity, culture and heritage
- security at the borders; more restrictive immigration policy
- traffic issues, introduction of a monorail
- establishing a new kind of European nation state
- nature, animals

"I intend to be a part of politics", says Thein. It seems he will remain so.

The election interviewsThe video interviews are left in long-form, rather than short sound-bites, to get a better sense of the person, their sincerity to lead their parties and possibly Luxembourg. 

The focus is on getting to know the person behind the politics. These are not hard-core political interviews (yet).

Many of the political websites here are not in English. For fairness, we have asked similar questions of all leaders. The interviews are being published in the same order as the parties appear on the voting lists.

For more information on how the election process works in Luxembourg go to Knowledge Bites Election.

Lisa Burke