Demokratie is a 'citizens' association' who want to "give back the power to the people".

Sonja Holper, who has a background in finance, is now the voice of Demokratie. It is a 'citizens' association' of people disenchanted with the current political scene.

Through the summer months, the group reshuffled and for those going to the polls on 14 October, there will be 44 members of Demokratie on the lists for the centre and south ridings. A touch of confusion arose over these lists as about 4-6 citizens no longer want to be present, but they cannot, by law, be removed. Nonetheless, Holper emphasises, that still leaves 38 people who do want to be there.

"You Decide"

Demokratie want direct democracy to open up the big questions to all residents of Luxembourg. This would make them the only party to allow non-Luxembourg citizens to have a voice in such decisions, but of course these people cannot vote for them in the elections.

Their first three areas to explore:

- can we have a negative balance in the budget?
 - how much immigration can the country handle, with respect to traffic and house prices?
 - hospitals and education: let the people working there ask the questions and find the best solutions for their problems

Holper's energy comes from a desire for social justice. She hears the current government talk of 3-4% growth in the economy, but doesn't agree with them taking money away from the most in need; for example, she points out, the unemployment benefit has been reduced.

Demokratie is still being developed as a group, and they have not yet had time to create a website. 

The election interviews

The video interviews are left in long-form, rather than short sound-bites, to get a better sense of the person, their sincerity to lead their parties and possibly Luxembourg. 

The focus is on getting to know the person behind the politics. These are not hard-core political interviews (yet).

Many of the political websites here are not in English. For fairness, we have asked similar questions of all leaders. The interviews are being published in the same order as the parties appear on the voting lists.

For more information on how the election process works in Luxembourg go to Knowledge Bites Election.

Lisa Burke