ADR are known for strong conservative moral values.

Here, Fernand Kartheiser explains where this comes from and why.

Kartheiser is one of three ADR members of parliament (députés) in Luxembourg's parliament (Chambre des Députés) at the moment; the others being Roy Reding and Gaston Gibéryen.

Kartheiser links his parties' conservative economic ideology to that of the British Conservative Party, but not their conservative values on a moral level.

These values are patriotic: to retain Luxembourg's culture, language and heritage. ADR defended the Luxembourg language long before it became staple script for all the parties. These values are also moral, with a Christian backbone.

"Defend families against the state"

"We are the only party in Luxembourg to defend Christian values". Kartheiser says that CSV are Christian in name but have "completely abandoned it in terms of its politics".

ADR defend human life before birth (are anti-abortion, apart from extreme cases), and near death (anti-euthanasia). They want what is "best for children" and believe palliative care is the best way to fade away.

"The opposition can achieve quite alot"

Being in opposition allows one to launch debate and ask questions in public. For example, ADR posed the question for the economic development of the country, "Now it's a big topic of the campaign" for all the parties.

Kartheiser also raises the question of how the four constituencies system works best for the big parties, giving them no incentive to alter it.

The election interviews

The video interviews are left in long-form, rather than short sound-bites, to get a better sense of the person, their sincerity to lead their parties and possibly Luxembourg. 

The focus is on getting to know the person behind the politics. These are not hard-core political interviews (yet).

Many of the political websites here are not in English. For fairness, we have asked similar questions of all leaders. The interviews are being published in the same order as the parties appear on the voting lists.

For more information on how the election process works in Luxembourg go to Knowledge Bites Election.

Lisa Burke