Welcome to the weekend! Hear Ibrahim Maalouf, take part in improv, see a food exhibition, watch Napoleon, enjoy English comedy or dive into tango music.

1. Hear Ibrahim Maalouf

What: Jazz, pop and world music
Where: Philharmonie, 1 Pl. de l'Europe - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 9 December at 7.30pm - info & tickets

Lebanese star trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf returns to the Philharmonie this weekend, bringing four other trumpet players along with him. Maalouf himself plays an instrument custom-built to his requirements, taking advantage of technical discoveries made by his father in order to combine the sounds of East and West.

PS: He's great friends with Sting, who is playing Rockhal that same night. Could the two throw a secret afterparty somewhere after, please?

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2. Take part in Improv Jam

What: Improvise and/or enjoy improvisers
Where: Rocas Bar, 33 Rue des Capucins - Google Maps
When: Thursday, 7 December at 7.30pm - more info here

Join this improv open mic show where you can get up on stage and perform or simply sit back, relax and be entertained by amazing unscripted theatre. Host Melissa (yep, our own Melissa from Today Radio!) will moderate all scenes and games, jumping in to help if necessary and ensuring everyone feels comfortable. No need to perform if you don't feel like it, just come along and watch!

3. Join an English tour on food in our life

What: Guided tour
Where: Luxembourg City Museum, 14 Rue du St Esprit - Google maps
When: Sunday, 10 December at 11am - more info here

Since human existence we have been subject to constraints and restrictions when it comes to eating – for climatic, economical or cultural reasons. The exhibition examines which factors influence our diet, how this relationship has changed historically and what side effects our eating habits have on our environment.

How do religious customs, local traditions and global value chains affect our food culture today? How can global food security be guaranteed in the face of a rapidly growing world population? And what is "good" nutrition anyway?

4. See French children's play

What: Play on friendship, migration and growing up
Where: Neimenster, 28 Rue Münster - Google maps
When: Sunday, 10 December at 4pm - info & tickets

Je suis tigre (I'm a tiger) is a beautiful children's play of friendship from a child's perspective. The play discusses topics like growing up, being exiled, refugees and war, and encourages the audience to be more tolerant and open. The play is for kids 6 years old and up, in French, and takes around 35 minutes.

5. Watch Napoleon

What: Action epic
Where: Kinepolis, 45 Av. John F. Kennedy - Google Maps
When: Various times - more info here

This Ridley Scott film takes an intimate look at the military commander's origins and his swift, ruthless climb to emperor, viewed through the prism of his addictive and often volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Josephine.

6. Dive into Piazzolla's tango

What: Hommage to a legend
Where: Philharmonie, 1 Pl. de l'Europe - Google Maps
When: Sunday, 10 December at 5pm - info & tickets

The quintet Fuego del Tango, created in the Grand Duchy in 2021, consists of five musicians passionate about the work of renowned Argentinian maestro Astor Piazzolla. It is music filled with joy and suffering, uplifting and melancholic, passion and anger. Be swept away by these timeless pieces and deeply human oeuvre.


© Sebastien Grebille

7. See English comedy show

What: Comedy from a traveller
Where: Carlitos Comedy Club, 65 Rue du Fort Neipperg - Google Maps
When: Sunday, 10 December at 8pm - info & tickets

Dan the Stranger fled Russia when the war started. Now he's visiting Luxembourg, entertaining people with his jokes about his dysfunctional family, therapy, living in Istanbul and Berlin and running away from cops, amongst other things. Come along!


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