Welcome to the weekend! Journey into the world of steampunk, discover a new artist, see beautiful lights show, or catch a powerful exhibition.

1. Journey into the world of steampunk

What: Anno 1900 - Steampunk Convention Luxembourg
Where: at the Minett Park in Fond-de-Gras
When: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 September from 11 am to 6 pm – free entry

The Minett Park transports you into a world of the past with a hint of futurism. You can ride the old mining trains between Fond-de-Gras and Lasauvage, merchants will be selling all kinds of goodies from jewellery to illustrations, and a musical programme by artists from in and around Luxembourg is also guaranteed. You will also find foods and drinks on-site; you could try their very own tea & coffee specialities. Check out the full programme on their webiste. 


© Minett Park Fond-de-Gras

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2. Enjoy a day full of cultural activities

What: Escher Family day
Where: at four locations throughout Esch-Alzette
When: Friday 22 September from 6 to 10 pm and Saturday 23 September from 11 am to 10 pm - free entry

This weekend on four locations throughout the town of Esch-sur-Alzette, you will find cultural and musical activities for the whole family. On Friday on Place de la Resistance two movies will be projected and then on Saturday from 1.30 pm onwards all kinds of artists will appear on scene. On rue d’Alzette you will find various stands to play games and do arts and crafts. Near the school du Brill, yoga for child and parent are being organised and finally on op der Leier various cultural activities are proposed for example by the Mosaique senior club. You can find the full program with all of the activities here.

3. Discover your new favourite artist

What: On Stéitsch Festival
Where: Rotondes in Bonnevoie - Google maps
When: Saturday 23 September, from 2 pm until midnight – free entry

The On Steitsch festival is organised every year to give a platform to younger Luxembourgish artists. On two scenes you will be able to listen to talented artists, from different areas of the world of art. You'll find musicians, dancers and also theatre acts. You can find the full line-up on their website.


© On Stéitsch

4. Celebrate 10 years of Sea Shepherd Luxembourg

What:10 Years - Sea Shepherd Luxembourg Wormeldange
Where: Centre Culturel Wormeldange -  Google Maps
When: Sunday 24 September from 12 pm – free entry

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Sea Shepherd Luxembourg, the organisation is inviting their Director of Campaigns, Captain Peter Hammarstedt and their Global CEO Alex Cornelissen to speak at the event. Other than information stands, you will also find food and drinks, and be entertained by live music. Sea Shepherd is a global organization that fights to protect the ocean and its biodiversity, by actively removing rubbish from our oceans.

5. Light a lampion in Wiltz

What: Light show for young and old
Where: Jardin de Wiltz - Google maps
When: from 21 September to 23 September – free entrance for anyone under 26 years old, 5€ for adults

Ever since 2007, the night of lampions is organised by the Jardin the Wiltz. The mesmerising lights show features dance and music. But in order to ensure a fairytale-like environment tickets to the event will be limited.

6. Catch the final weekend of the On Rape exposition

What: a powerful art installation
Where: Neimënster, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Grund - Google Maps
When: until Sunday 24 September - free admission

The Spanish artist Laia Abril created this powerful exhibition consisting of a collection of photographs, objects, and testimonials. She focuses on institutional rape within marriage, in the church, in the army or at school. The exhibition requires a minimum age of 16 to enter.


© Laia Abril

7. Book On! in Bertrange

What: Children's Literature Festival
Where: Arca in Bertrange - Google maps
When: from Friday 22 September to Sunday 24 September

Book On’s aim is to promote children's literature and will feature authors from Luxembourg, Lithuania, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine. They will present their literary works in various artistic forms and styles. It’s a truly multi-cultural and multilingual event as the activities will take place in Luxembourgish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, English and Lithuanian. You can find more information on their facebook event page.

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