The monarch was born exactly 100 years ago on 5 January 1921. David Ianni, a Luxembourgish pianist, composed a piece in honour of the Grand Duke.

Grand Duke Jean lived to the age of 98, witnessing 19 years of his son Henri's reign as Grand Duke following his abdication. He had five children, 22 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren.

The Grand Duke died on 23 April 2019, more than a week after he was first admitted to hospital for a pulmonary infection.

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Luxembourgish pianist David Ianni, known for his project "My Urban Piano", mourned the death of the monarch and decided to compose a piece in honour of the Grand Duke: "When I heard the news, it became clear to me what an exceptional human being he was, kind and warm-hearted. I sat down at my piano and played for two or three days without a break, until my piece in his honour, entitled Adieu, was finished."

Although a video clip had been planned for the music on 23 April, the health crisis put a halt to that project. Ianni discussed his plans with Grand Duke Henri it was agreed that the video would be published on the 100th birthday of Grand Duke Jean.