Rock University, a music school in Luxembourg, caters its courses specifically to its students, all under the slogan of 'Music Made in Luxembourg'.

Rock University is a music school unlike any other. The goal is not to simply play music, but to feel, and above all, personalise it. The teachers, who are passionate, professional musicians, set out to promote every talent as much as possible.

With specially adapted courses, they can respond to the individual needs and wishes of each student, which is also reflected in their results.

Every Friday, we introduce a new musician and their video with a personally covered song through RTL You. This week we present Cyrielle with her cover of The Verve's hit song "Bitter Sweet Symphony".

1.      Can you present yourself  in 2-3 sentences.

Hello, my name is Cyrielle and I am 16 years old, and I go to the Lycée des Garçons Luxembourg (LGL).

After primary school, I took singing lessons in my local community. Meanwhile I do still have singing lessons at the Rock University but as well I am the front singer of a Rock band. Together with my band, we mainly perform in Echternach, at events such as at the Fête de la Music or in other concerts organized by the municipality.

2.      Why did you decide to take singing courses at Rock University?

As I said, as a child I took courses in my local community, but here it was unfortunately not possible for me to sing alone, what however was important to me. Together with the Rock University coaches, I have been able to work on my technique, breathing and even my confidence over the past few years, and thus now I feel better while performing  today.

3.      When did you discover your passion for music?

At a very young age I would say. Especially when I think back to the days singing on my balcony all alone and only for me. And from the moment a friend took me to a sining lesson it became a part of my daily routine.

4.      Why did you decide on this particular song?

The song "Bitter Sweet Symphony" is the latest song I performed infront of some people at a party. Additionally, I really like the sounds of the song and think it has a very beautiful melody.


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