Rock University, a music school in Luxembourg City, caters its courses specifically to its students to promote music made in Luxembourg.

Rock University is a music school unlike any other. The goal is not to simply play music, but to feel, and above all, personalize it. The teachers, who are passionate, professional musicians, set out to promote every talent as much as possible.

With specially adapted courses, they can respond to the individual needs and wishes of each student, which is also reflected in their results.

Every Friday, RTL-You will feature a new musician covering a song of their choice. This week, we're introducing Roberto Millich and his cover of "Faith" by George Michael.

Roberto introduces himself in a few sentences

My name is Roberto Millich. I am half Italian and half French. I was born 45 years ago in Strasbourg (France) and have been living in Luxembourg since 2006. I love music, of course, but also photography, motorcycles, scuba diving and many more.

1. In your eyes, what are the main characteristics of Rock University?

I discovered Rock University in 2014. Since then, Rock University has now become like my second family. I am taking singing and guitar lessons.

What I really like is the fact that Rock University is open to everyone, regardless of your music tastes, your age, or your level in the instrument you're playing. There is always a highly qualified teacher to answer your questions and Jean-Christophe (the head of Rock University) is always ready if you want to record a song! 

2. At what age did you discover your passion for music?

My mother is a professional pianist so I probably entered the world of music before I was even born!! The very first years as a piano student - I must have been 6 or 7 - were very painful for me because I had to play classical music which I didn't like. So at the age of 11 I gave up my mother's piano lessons and I didn't want to hear about the piano any more. Until I was 14.

It was towards the end of June 1988 when one my classmates sat down at a piano we had in our school and played some famous riffs of actual songs that were played on the radio at that time.

I immediately found this really cool so as soon as I arrived home, I went straight to the piano and started to try to play these songs. I suddenly realized how useful my mother's lessons were!!

Since then, I've never stopped playing and singing other people's as well as my own songs.

Between 2002 and 2006, I was the lead singer of the official band of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg - the "12 Star Band". In 2014 I started playing the guitar and last year the bass guitar.

3. Why did you chose to perform this particular song?

I think that George Michael was one of the best performers in the 80's / 90's. In 2018, I had the chance to perform "Freedom 90" live for our annual concert with Rock University, which was probably one of my best live performances as a singer. For RTL You I really wanted to sing and play "Faith" in this acoustic version. This is like a tribute for me.