Rock University, a music school in Luxembourg, caters its courses specifically to its students, all under the slogan of 'Music Made in Luxembourg'.

Rock University is a music school unlike any other. The goal is not to simply play music, but to feel, and above all, personalise it. The teachers, who are passionate, professional musicians, set out to promote every talent as much as possible.

With specially adapted courses, they can respond to the individual needs and wishes of each student, which is also reflected in their results.

Every Friday, we introduce a new musician and their video with a personally covered song through RTL You. This week we present Filippa with her cover of James Taylor's hit song "Fire and Rain".

1. Could you present yourself in 2-3 sentences?

Hello, I'm Filippa and I'm 14 years old. I have Italian and Swedish origins but have been living in Luxembourg for years. I also go to high school in Luxembourg, and in my spare time I like to do any kind of sports, play the piano or go to singing competitions. I started taking singing classes at the age of 9 years and they still are part of my daily routine today.

2. What does the music evokes within you?

The music accompanies me in every step of my daily life. Whether this is waking up, learning after school or even on the way to school, at any moment I have music in my ears. Thus, the music certainly evokes emotions in me which I do not know from anything else.

3. Why did you decided to sing this specific song?

Although I did not choose this particular song myself, I think it is a very nice song. Even though I don't quite understand the lyrics of the song, I think it's a sad story told by the artist, and I tried to reproduce this to a maximum in my cover.

4. What are your daily tasks at Rock University?

Even though I am not yet a regular student of Rock University, I go there once a week to take vocals and piano lessons. And who knows what the future might bring.


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