As the 2023 elections in Luxembourg approach, I urge you to remember the power of your vote and to register (yes, you’re eligible, they couldn’t have made it easier).

Your participation in democracy is crucial to shaping our neighbourhoods, our country, and our future. Let's make sure our voices are heard.

Democracy is nothing but a system. A system of government in which the people have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. It's based on the idea that all people are, or rather should be, equal and should have an equal say in the decisions that affect them.

One of the key features of democracy is the right to vote. Voting is what allows people to choose their leaders and hold them accountable for their actions.

It gives people a say in the policies and laws that govern their lives and shape the world around them. Without the right to vote, people have no way to influence the decisions that affect them and are at the mercy of those in power.

And democracy requires active participation from all to function properly. If only a small group of people are making decisions that affect everyone else, it's not a true democracy.

It's important for as many people as possible to have a say in the decisions that affect them, so that the policies and laws reflect the needs and values of the entire community, neighbourhood, country or even bigger entities, such as our European Union.

Now, another reason it's important to participate in democracy is to counter the influence of special interests and lobbyists. These groups, or countries, as we saw at the European Parliament earlier this month with the so-called Qatargate, often have a lot of money and resources and can use them to shape policy in their favour.

By getting involved and speaking up, everyday citizens and residents like you and me can counterbalance the influence of these special interests and ensure that the needs and concerns of the general public are taken into account.

Paying taxes and following the law is certainly important, but it's not enough to simply sit back and let others make the decisions that affect your life.

And this is why it is particularly important that you register to vote ahead of next year’s municipal (local) elections, taking place on 11 June all over Luxembourg.

These elections are important because they decide who leads powerful local administrations, which have a significant influence over issues such as housing, zoning, and a lot more.

By registering to vote and participating in these elections, you can have a say in who leads your commune and how it is run.

So if you're eligible to vote in Luxembourg, make sure to register and make your voice heard!

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Hi, I’m Christos Floros. I’ll be covering the Elections in 2023 for Today. I'll be speaking to political leaders and hopefuls all the way until then; send me your questions, and your thoughts at

I am particularly interested to hear from people who will be voting for the first time in Luxembourg, in either of these elections.

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