In a new video series produced by RTL Today, Christos Floros invites people of public interest for conversations aiming to give you access to English-speaking interviews with leaders and hopefuls.

For the much-anticipated pilot episode, available from 6pm today (Tuesday 20 December) on the RTL Play streaming service, Christos spoke with former MP and MEP Colette Flesch about her life of public service, and her views of Luxembourg and Europe today.

Conversations with Christos aims to give more people in the Grand Duchy an opportunity to hear from and get to know the public figures shaping the country, politically, socially and culturally. It's "meaningful conversations with the people who lead us", says Christos.

A new episode will be available every second Tuesday at 6pm on RTL Play. 


Colette Flesch, the first woman to become mayor of Luxembourg City in 1970. In conversation with Christos Floros at RTL City on 16 December 2022. / © RTL / Luca Emering

Colette Flesch

Ms. Flesch was the first woman to become Mayor of Luxembourg City in 1970, and throughout her 40 years in politics, served Luxembourg in government, the Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament.

Colette Flesch was born in Dudelange, south Luxembourg, in 1937.  In the conversation, she recalls the few memories she has of the war and surviving in Nazi-occupied France, trading cigarette coupons for food.

The former mayor also recounts the time she spent in the United States, at Wellesley and Tufts, studying Politics and Economics, her return to Luxembourg and subsequent application to join the Civil Service, only to be denied because she was a woman.

What comes through in the interview with the former politician, in the part of the discussion on European politics, is the vision of a generation of European politicians, for building a more peaceful Europe: one of compromise and cooperation.

Flesch also commented on next year's elections, on Mayor Lydie Polfer’s candidacy for 2023, and the role of non-Luxembourgish citizens in national politics.


Christos Floros, hosting the pilot episode at RTL City on 16 December 2022. / © RTL / Luca Emering

The Show and the Host 

Luxembourg is a country of immigrants and expats, with non-citizens making up more than 47% of the population – yet politics remain in part difficult to access for this ever-growing community, and many in our society are excluded from political debate, partly due to the language barrier.

Through Conversations with Christos, RTL Today seeks to further improve the depth, breadth, and quality of information available to our growing audience of Luxembourg and border residents for whom the future of this country is of deep personal importance, but who lack insight into the political and social systems.

That is also a question of personal importance to the host, Christos Floros, whose parents immigrated to Luxembourg, and who grew up here in the 1990s, attending the European School. This left him in a position where, like many of his peers, he had little understanding of domestic issues in the country.

The aim of Conversations with Christos – CWC for short – is simple: allow more people access to hear from, and understand the thoughts and positions of, the people shaping the future of the Grand Duchy.

"I have been positively overwhelmed by people's support for these  Conversations... but what I'm really thrilled about, is seeing the interest from people who are looking for a way to get more involved here in Luxembourg," says Christos.

The pilot episode with Colette Flesch is available on RTL Play today, Tuesday, from 6pm

On 10 January 2023, don’t miss the next conversation with Djuna Bernard, one of Luxembourg’s youngest MPs, President of the Green Party and Vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies.

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