Former Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb said Europe and the world needs the UK to make a come-back following “colossal mistake” Brexit.

In a tweet earlier Sunday he said “We all knew Brexit was a colossal mistake, but that it would lead to this scale of political and economic mayhem was beyond our wildest imagination”.

Europe and the world needs the UK on so many fronts. Please get a grip and fix it. We need you back” said the Former Prime Minister of EU member-state Finland.

His comment, and tweet, come after British PM Liz Truss on Sunday conceded she should have better prepared Britain for her recent mini-budget that sparked days of turbulence in financial markets, with the pound falling to a record low against the US dollar on Monday. It has since recovered these losses.

Additionally, his tweet comes ahead of this week's Conservative party conference in the UK where Truss will have to reassure her MPs over her approach to boosting the UK economy, for the first time as party leader.

The Finnish politician served as Prime Minister of Finland from 2014 to 2015, but had risen to politics as a researcher in the affairs of the EU and had been elected to the European Parliament in 2004. Stubb is a proponent of deepening European integration and has argued in favour of the EU taking an active role in international politics. He uses Twitter frequently to share his position on current affairs.

Christos Floros covers News and Politics for RTL Today @christosfloros