As part of a new campaign, the Ministry of Health is encouraging residents to cut down on alcohol consumption and explore healthier alternatives.

Amidst heightened alcohol consumption, particularly during this time of year, the Ministry underscores the importance of highlighting the adverse effects associated with alcohol abuse.

The impact of alcohol is undeniable, contributing to over 60 diseases, including various types of cancer. Additionally, alcohol consumption raises the risk of injury, violence, and accidents.

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies the European Union as the world's highest per capita alcohol-consuming region, with 8.4% of the EU population drinking alcohol daily.

Every year, around 1 million people die as a result of alcohol consumption. Alarmingly, the average age of those affected is 21.2 years for women and 27.5 years for men, often stemming from fatal accidents.

According to Eurostat, Luxembourg ranked third in Europe for excessive alcohol consumption in 2019, with 34.3% of residents reporting excessive drinking at least once a month. A Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) study found that 43% of the population over 15 drank alcohol weekly, and 9% reported daily consumption. A 2022 survey revealed that 42.7% of young people aged 11 to 18 in Luxembourg had consumed alcohol at least once.

Alcohol is also the second most common cause of road accidents in Luxembourg. The 2022 report documented 15 fatalities and 36 serious injuries attributed to drink-driving incidents.