Luxembourg is one of the European countries where residents most frequently engage in "heavy drinking episodes".

One in three Luxembourg residents gets drunk "at least once a month", says the latest Eurostat study, which puts Luxembourg in the top three countries where "heavy episodic drinking" is most frequent.

Denmark tops the list with 38%, but Luxembourg is not far behind with 34%, "beating" its neighbours Germany (30%), Belgium (28%) and France (21%) in this sad and worrying hit parade. Romania comes second with 35%.

Eurostat explains that a "heavy episodic drinking" episode is when a person ingests the equivalent of 60 g of ethanol or more in one sitting. The countries with the lowest numbers are Cyprus (4%), Italy (4%) and Spain (6%).

These numbers are based on data communicated by each country in 2019, so they do not reflect potential changes in behaviour as a result of the pandemic.