As the Chamber of Deputies welcomes 21 newly sworn-in Members of Parliament, Claude Wiseler takes the reins as the President.

The swearing-in ceremony, presided over by interim President Michel Wolter, included eight former ministers and 13 individuals replacing those appointed to the new government.

Former ministers taking oath

Among the MPs sworn in were eight former ministers who are not part of the current government. Notable figures from the Green Party (déi Gréng) included François BauschSam Tanson, and Joëlle Welfring, while the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) saw the inclusion of Taina BofferdingFranz FayotGeorges EngelClaude Haagen, and Paulette Lenert.

Government appointees and constituency changes

The 13 individuals replacing those appointed to the new government represent various constituencies and political affiliations. Notable changes include the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) appointing Maurice Bauer, alderman of Luxembourg City, Laurent Mosar, member of the capital's municipal council, and Alex Donnersbach, alderman of Walferdange, in place of Luc Frieden, Elisabeth Margue, and Serge Wilmes, respectively.

In the South constituency, Alderwoman Nathalie Morgenthaler and Councillor Françoise Kemp replace Ministers Gilles Roth and Georges Mischo. Meanwhile, in the North, Jeff Boonen takes over from Minister of Agriculture Martine Hansen. Stéphanie Weydert, the mayor of Rosport-Mompach, steps in for Minister of Home Affairs Léon Gloden in the East constituency.

For the Democratic Party (DP), Guy Arendt, municipal councillor from Walferdange, and Patrick Goldschmit, alderman from Luxembourg City, replace Ministers Bettel and Backes in the Centre constituency, while Pétange councillor Barbara Agostino and former tennis player Mandy Minella step in for ministers Meisch and Hahn in the South.

In the East, Gilles Baum, alderman of Junglinster, replaces Minister of the Economy Lex Delles. Meanwhile, there was no need for a new DP MP from northern Luxembourg, as Minister of Culture Eric Thill was not directly elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the October elections.

Yves Cruchten from the LSAP joined as the sole new MP on the opposition side, following former Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn's decision not to accept his mandate.

Leadership structure

Claude Wiseler from the CSV was elected as the new President of the Chamber of Deputies. Michel Wolter (CSV), Fernand Etgen (DP), and Mars Di Bartolomeo (LSAP) join him as Vice-Presidents.

In his inaugural speech, Wiseler expressed gratitude for the unanimous trust bestowed upon him by the MPs, acknowledging the extraordinary nature of his role and the associated honour and responsibility.

Upcoming government proceedings

The parliamentary agenda includes Prime Minister Luc Frieden's government statement scheduled for Wednesday at 2pm, followed by comprehensive debates on Thursday. The week will conclude with a vote of confidence.