In 2022, Mia and Leo topped the list of popular baby names for those of Luxembourg nationality while Emma and Gabriel were favourites among foreign nationals residing in the Grand Duchy.

In 2022, 6,495 births and 4,449 deaths of Luxembourg residents were recorded in the Grand Duchy. Compared with 2021, births were down by 2.9%, deaths by 0.9%.

Among the close to 7,000 births, male babies were slightly over-represented at 50.8%. 58.0% of children were born to married couples, 42.0% to unmarried couples. The proportion of out-of-marriage births thus continues to rise steadily. It increased from 3.4% in 1950 to 5.9% in 1980 and 21.9% in 2000.

The popularity of first names meanwhile varied according to the nationality of the newborn.

Among female babies of Luxembourg nationality born in 2022, Mia was the most popular name (28 births), followed by Emma (27), Eva and Lea (both 20), and Olivia (19). Among female babies of foreign nationality, Emma was the most popular name (25). The top five was rounded out by Maria (22), Sofia (20), Alice (18), and Chloé (17).

As for boys of Luxembourg nationality, Leo topped the list (36) ahead of Liam (33), Noah (33), and Louis and Matteo (24). Among boys of foreign nationality, Gabriel (27), Lucas (21), Alexander and David (15), and Adam (14) were among the top five names.