The "Quality of Work Index," published by the Chamber of Employees, indicates that people increasingly struggle to balance their professional and personal life.

While morale was at an all-time low during the pandemic, the situation has slightly improved. The survey is based on the answers of around 2,700 employees who work in Luxembourg, half of whom are cross-border workers.

Those who are able to work from home at least some of the time are happier. Unhappiness is highest in professions that do not allow for flexible work hours, such as the retail and care sectors. The results of the survey are "alarming," according to the President of the Chamber of Employees, Nora Back.


© René Pfeiffer

According to the report, workers in Luxembourg are increasingly dissatisfied with their salary. Almost a quarter of those polled said they wish to change jobs. The majority of participants support reducing working hours. The survey indicates that the ideal working week for the majority of people would be 34.4 hours. On a related note, participants said that they are finding it increasingly difficult to balance their career and personal life.

The Chamber of Employees calls on the government to implement the European Work-Life Directives, which the European Parliament discussed in 2019. According to the Chamber of Employees, people with children should be allowed to adapt their schedules more easily, and regular working hours should be reduced in general. The Chamber also calls for an increase in weekly remote working hours.

The Quality of Work Index was created ten years ago by the Chamber of Employees in partnership with the University of Luxembourg. The survey aims to assess the quality of work, working conditions, and the general health of employees and cross-border workers in Luxembourg over time.