Aside from known classics, new stalls and attractions are regularly chosen to keep Luxembourg's biggest fair exciting with each new edition.

The annual Schueberfouer is set to kick off on 19 August. Every year, the municipality of Luxembourg City receives 500 to 600 requests from people applying to run a stall at the fair, out which about 230 are approved. This year, 20 new stalls will feature for a first time.

Whether or not a request is approved depends entirely on the fulfilment of certain criteria, which are first evaluated by the Service for Festivities before the Council of Aldermen analyses a shortlist.

Laurent Schwaller, head of the Festivities' Service, elaborated on the different criteria: "The first aspect is safety, applicants need to have all the necessary control certificates for their stalls. Safety is later checked again on location. For the rest, it is mainly a question of attractiveness, aesthetics, and the purpose of a product or service."

During the evaluation, individual aspects are awarded points to establish different categories. The stands with the most points and which can physically fit on Glacis square are then retained as candidates. The Festivities' Service further takes the balance between different types of stalls and attractions into consideration.

Despite the evaluation system, Schaller also ensured that there will always be a place for traditional businesses: "It is important for us to guarantee that we have the classics that people know and want. Of course there is also a need for new attractions, which people might have seen elsewhere or which just out of development."

Charles Hary, who is the president of Luxembourg's Federation of Commercial Stall Owners, understands the benefits of the system: "One has to respect certain conditions, like paying for one's spot, electricity, and also behave appropriately. The business simply has to work."