Luxtram has announced its national mobility plan up to 2035, aiming to service 300,000 passengers a day - a technical and environmental challenge.

André von der Marck, the general manager of Luxtram, announced that the tram's run to Bonnevoie comes to an end on Friday, without any major hiccups. This new section will come into service from 11 September onwards.

The next works in the Gasperich area will start in October, with the objective being Cloche d'Or by early 2024. This section will also pass by the national stadium and the Lycée Vauban. Thanks to the construction of a bridge over the motorway, the tram should also arrive at Findel airport in 2024.

However, the tram network is far from complete:

As part of the national mobility plan 2035, the Luxtram company was commissioned to carry out preliminary studies for a tramway on Avenue de la Porte-Neuve. This has raised the concern of Natur&Ëmwelt, which fears for the trees and shrubs of Park Pescatore.

Von der Marck insists on his company's vigilance and respect of all spaces, especially the green spaces. Of course, the tramway will not touch the park and have absolutely no impact on this space, he guarantees. On the contrary, the facilities that are at the edge of the road today can even be densified.

Currently, several variants of alignment, development and occupation of public spaces are being studied thoroughly for the new project on Avenue de la Porte-Neuve.

This mobility plan is based on a need for growth in mobility of nearly 40 percent by 2035, continues the director of Luxtram, that is, in 15 years. This means that today, the first line will be able to transport nearly 100,000 passengers per day in 2024. But in 2035, we will have four streetcar lines, and these four lines will carry nearly 300,000 passengers.

For the one line currently in service, Luxtram is using 17 trainsets of the 33 it has. To date, the tram carries between 70,000 and 75,000 passengers each day. With the two new stations to be inaugurated on September 11, the figure should rise to 80,000. And when the line is complete, from the airport to the main stadium, Luxtram hopes to reach 100,000 daily passengers.