On Monday morning, the director of the National Addiction Prevention Centre (CNAPA) joined our colleagues on RTL Radio to discuss the planned regulation of cannabis and the dangers of excessive media consumption.

Bienfait welcomes the proposed regulation of cannabis as it helps avoid criminalising consumers. These not only include young people, but also many adults, explained the CNAPA director.

Furthermore, regulation weakens the black market, where cannabis is often mixed with harmful substances. With more regulation comes more quality control and better management of health risks, emphasised Bienfait.

Cannabis has an addiction risk comparable to that of any other substance or activity. The CNAPA director elaborated that many factors contribute to addictive behaviour, including the frequency of use, the motive, and the respective mood.

According to the latest annual report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 30% of drug therapies in the European Union are related to hemp drugs. Nevertheless, CNAPA's consulting services have not registered any increase in cannabis-related questions. In 2020, there was however great demand for advice on alcohol addiction.

The majority of cases currently treated by the Centre revolve around media consumption of youths. The lockdown phases in particular increased screen and internet times of people, an issue that needs to be addressed, said Bienfait. She concluded that even adults still have to learn to manage their emotions in light of depressing news cycles, which is why it is important to learn how to set boundaries and "switch off".

Interview in Luxembourgish

Invité vun der Redaktioun: Elena Bienfait
Den Invité vun der Redaktioun vu méindes bis freides moies géint 8h10 am Studio vun RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg.