In most cases, oil or manure was accidently spilled into streams and rivers.

In previous years, only about 100 such cases of water pollution were reported on average.
Most incidents are reported via the emergency number 112. According to official statistics, oil spillages were the most common reason of water pollution, followed by manure or milk spillages at farms.
The 50 additional cases in 2021 are partly due to at least a dozen cases connected to the historic floods in July, which mostly involved heating oil spillages. Another explanation for the above-average number of cases is a major event at a farm in Holtz, as a result of which about 100,000 litres of manure leaked straight into the 'Noutemerbaach'. This incident caused a substantial pollution of the environment and is subject to an ongoing investigation by the public prosecutor's office in Diekirch.
This information was provided by Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg and Minister of Agriculture Claude Haagen in their joint reply to a parliamentary question by MP François Benoy from the Green Party (Déi Gréng).