The Adem regularly publishes a list of the most sought after job positions.

Unemployment in the country is still on the decrease, which is good news for anyone looking for a job right now.

The list of sectors with the most available vacancies published by the Adem can provide further help.

While these only account for 34% of the total 11,076 job vacancies in the country, they offer some idea of what is currently most sought after in the job market.

  1. IT development studies: 209 vacancies
  2. Accounting and financial audits and controls: 192 vacancies
  3. Accounting: 184 vacancies
  4. Secretariat: 152 vacancies
  5. Kitchen personnel: 123 vacancies
  6. Credit and risk analysis: 113 vacancies
  7. Management consulting: 95 vacancies
  8. Legal defence and consulting: 88 vacancies
  9. Dishwashers: 88 vacancies
  10. Masons: 84 vacancies
The top ten won't surprise anyone - most jobs are in the IT and financial sector. But the number of offers in the Horeca sector is also notable.

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