Last week, four people died in relation to Covid-19. 1,118 people tested positive for the coronavirus in the same time frame.

The Health Directorate communicated the most recent statistics on Wednesday evening. 76.5% of the population above the age of twelve are vaccinated by now.

24 people had to be hospitalised with Covid-19 last week, 18 were not vaccinated, six of them were fully vaccinated. Nine of those in intensive care were also confirmed as being unvaccinated. 1 of the patients in intensive care is a Belgian resident.

The average age of hospitalised patients increased to 59. Though hospitalisations are on the rise again, the rate is significantly lower than it was during the same time period last year.

The incidence rate for unvaccinated people is 0.258%, according to the Health Directorate, while the one for vaccinated people is 0.123%. With 1,118 new cases, last week saw a 14% increase in positive cases.



The fourth infection wave also shows in the country's purification plants, with coronavirus residue being significantly elevated in the Wiltz installation.

The most concerning developments are an incidence increase for people above the age of 75 (+54% in a week), this is the same as one recorded for children below the age of 14, a group which registered the highest virus prevalence last week.

Most new infections still occur in family circles (31%), followed by schools (14%), leisure activities (7%), and work (7%). In 34% of cases, no infection source could be determined.

An infection cluster was discovered at Lycée Mathias Adam in Pétange last week. Two pupils tested positive at the end of the week, followed by five further infections at the start of the new week.

15,746 vaccine doses were administered last week. 4,736 people received their first jab, 9,420 the second one.

This means that close to 423,000 people in Luxembourg are now fully vaccinated.