It has been confirmed that nightclubs in Luxembourg's capital will be able operate again from next week. Our colleagues from RTL 5 Minutes spoke with the managers of four nightclubs that will be among the first to reopen their doors.

On Thursday, Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer confirmed that the capital's nightclubs could indeed apply for all-nighter or "free night" permits. In the first phase, the clubs will be allowed to stay open until 3 am.

Contacted by our colleagues from RTL 5 Minutes, the managers and owners of four very popular clubs in Luxembourg have already confirmed that they will either reopen or propose extended opening hours respectively.

Nightclubs like the Gotham and M Club will reopen for the first time after a year and a half of closure. While their managers welcome the opportunity, it was somewhat unexpected and both of them stressed that they would not reopen without the option to apply for all-nighter permits.

In fact, for Marcello Ranieri (Gotham) and Edvin Huremovic, opening until 1 am "didn't make sense". The manager of Gotham explained in an interview on Wednesday that it is "difficult to open a nightclub from 8pm to 1am". With temperatures on the rise, it is completely normal that people want to be outside and spend time on a terrace, Ranieri explained.

The two managers only expected to receive all-night permits from mid-July. The fact that this is now already possible from next week is very good news for both establishments, which will reopen in turn over the next two weeks.

Huremovic confirmed that M Club will reopen, but without giving an exact date, while Gotham is expected to reopen next week.

On the other hand, the managers of Hitch and Melusina will simply adapt their offer. The Limpertsberg restaurant-club, which reopened back when restrictions were first lifted, will simply return to its pre-pandemic configuration. The nightclub in Clausen, which had temporarily been transformed into a terrace restaurant, will return to its roots.

Nico Heinen, manager of Hitch, stated that the "old way" of removing tables at 10.30pm and then partying is now possible again. Hitch's first clubbing night is planned for 18 June and has already been aptly named "Reunited", in reference to the pandemic.

In Clausen, the management of Melusina is preparing two evenings on 18 and 19 June. Dany Crovisier, manager of the capital's oldest nightclub, explained that a pre-sale system will be put in place to avoid queues and said he was looking forward to "seeing people dancing, kissing, and having fun".

In other words, next weekend (18-19 June) is likely to be lively. However, it should be remembered that partying without a mask and indoors will only be possible on presentation of the Covid-Check. You have to be "tested, vaccinated, or cured" as Nico Heinen from Hitch puts it.