Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer confirmed to RTL that the nightclubs of Luxembourg City will reopen in a first phase, but only until 3 am.

The new Covid law allows life to slowly return to Luxembourg from Sunday. More people are allowed to meet, the curfew is abolished, as is the curfew in the hospitality sector. Among other things, events of up to 300 people will be possible with the so-called Covid Check.

Nevertheless, a few questions remain unanswered, for example this one about the "free night" - which is a night on which one or several venues have applied for and been given special dispensation to stay open beyond the legally mandated closing time. To clarify this, Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer was invited to the RTL interview on Thursday.

One decision that had to be made is what the closing time of bars would be. Pre-pandemic they were open until 3 or 6 am,a decision was made to start the sector back up slowly. This means that discos can stay open until 3 am until 15 July. This requires that authorisation is requested 5 days in advance. A club that makes a request today could still be considered in time. Nevertheless, the mayor said, this process remains flexible.

There are also exceptions to when application is needed. For instance, the general all-nighter planned for 22 June 2021 (until 3 am) is valid without prior application. The permits for all-nighters, or "free nights," up to 3 am can also be requested for private events taking place between 13 June and 15 July 2021.

Why was this only communicated now? Polfer explained that they were still waiting for the law. The health commission would have met again on Thursday, and the law would not be voted on until Saturday. In addition, they still have to wait for the opinion of the Council of State.