It was the third time that members of the sector gather in the capital to protest the governmentally enforced closure.

The organisers of the protest communicated on Saturday evening that the expected crowd of 150 people had been exceeded by 200 demonstrators. Members of the Horesca sector thus walked from Place Guillaume II to the Chamber of Deputies, demanding that both restaurants and bars are allowed to open their businesses once more.

The administration recently decided to prolong the current measures and restrictions until 21 February in an attempt to limit the spread of new coronavirus variants. The Horesca sector laments this decision and emphasises that the government support is not coming in fast enough. Businesses want to reopen, even if they still have to apply additional safety measures.

Last year, 127 businesses in the sector had to shut down forever. Although 44 fewer than in 2019, the fear of bankruptcies persists. Businesses therefore demand that they be given a clearer perspective on how to move forward. Especially smaller bars and restaurants are nearing their financial limits.