The concrete blocks will be put up over the course of Wednesday. However, in the long-term the municipality wants to install metal pillars that can be brought up from under the ground.

Following the incident that occurred in Trier on Tuesday afternoon, the municipality of Luxembourg City has decided to secure the pathways leading to the pedestrian zone with concrete blocks.

Mayor Lydie Polfer contacted her colleague in Trier that same day in order to express her solidarity. Polfer stated on Tuesday that everyone was naturally shocked by the Trier incident. Similar attacks had been seen before, but it was only human, Polfer explained, to feel increasingly affected by them as they happen in ever closer vicinity. This was also why the municipal authorities had decided to further secure the pathways leading to the capital's pedestrian zones, despite the cancellation of the annual Christmas Market.

Every entry is to be secured with temporary concrete blocks until Wednesday evening. However, the municipal council had already been working on a long-term solution prior to recent events, in the form of metal pillars that can be brought up from and lowered back into the ground. This would be a more practical solution, as the concrete blocks had to be moved every time someone wanted to deliver something. The mayor stated that the plan involving the metal pillars was already in its final stages of development, and that it would be implemented either next year or over the course of the upcoming years.

Similar pillars already exist in the capital, e.g. in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The municipal council of Luxembourg City already started reviewing and adapting its safety concept following the terrorist attack in Nice back in 2016. According to the municipal authorities, the incident in Trier only confirmed the importance of taking additional measures in the future.