Luxembourg has joined the Global Ocean Alliance, which was brought to life by the UK at the United Nations General Assembly. The goal if the initiative is to help drive urgent action to protect the oceans and help marine species to thrive.

Luxembourg joined the ranks of the alliance on 8 June, which marks World Oceans Day.

The goal of the large-scale project is to protect at least 30% of the oceans until 2030 and reverse the damage that human activity has caused to the oceans and their inhabitants.

According to Ministry of the Environment, 65% of the oceans lie beyond the limits of national jurisdictions. It is therefore paramount that the international community joins efforts to ensure the protection of the oceans.

Luxembourg also decided to make a financial contribution to the "Global Fishing Watch." The goal of this organisation is to monitor fishing activities taking place beyond the areas of national jurisdiction.

The ministry has not specified the total amount of the financial contribution.