Minister of Health Paulette Lenert also revealed at a press conference that the 4 deceased were all over the age of 80.

At a press conference on Thursday, Minister for Health Paulette Lenert noted that so far, four people have not survived the coronavirus. They were all above the age of 80 and all had pre-existing conditions. 14 people are currently in hospital, four of which are in a critical condition.

The average age of those infected (of which there are currently 335) lies at 46, and six people have recovered. The number of those infected is likely to rise within the next 14 days.

She was relaying more specific and detailed information concerning the medical centres that opened on Wednesday, and are witnessing a high demand. Individuals are advised only to go under doctor's instructions. They will receive reinforcements on Saturday and will then open from 8am to 8pm.

Until Monday, further additional capacity are being created in the north, the east and the city centre. Further details will follow in the next days.

The medical centres' usual activity, as in emergencies, have been relegated to homes.