On Thursday, the Ministry of the Economy published a guide answering the most important questions regarding coronavirus and work.

More and more businesses in Luxembourg are reacting to the risks posed by Covid-19 and planning for the possibility of infection amongst co-workers. The measures in place have provoked a number of questions, such as who is responsible for the costs incurred by quarantining employees? Or what can employers and employees do to remain productive?

According to the Ministry of the Economy's guidelines, businesses are responsible for maintaining a good level of health and safety amongst employees present. Businesses should also advise their employees to refrain from travelling to risk areas (China [mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao]; Singapore; Japan; South Korea, Iran as well as certain regions of Italy) so as not to endanger the operation of the business.

A number of companies have cancelled international meetings.

Anne-Sophie Prudhomme of PWC said they had asked employees to limit travel for the time being, and had forbidden travel to the affected regions in line with WHO recommendations. PWC also cancelled a number of overseas training courses.

Many businesses have been advised to let employees work from home where possible.

The Ministry is currently analysing potential scenarios which could affect labour laws or social security, with a view to publishing further advice for businesses in order to answer queries.

If an employee returns from a risk zone, the company is entitled to ask the employee to stay at home, but must continue to pay their salary. There is also the option to pay sick leave. However, if it is the employee who asks to stay at home, it is not the employer's responsibility to continue to pay wages, meaning the employee must use annual leave.

A full guide for employers and employees can be found on the government website. Currently available in French, the guide will be updated to include versions in German, English, Portuguese and Luxembourgish.