Free* public transport in Luxembourg is fast approaching...our colleagues at 5Minutes have gathered all the last minute information you could possibly need before the policy enters into effect in March.

*We know, we know, it's not free - just free at the point of use, and funded through taxes.

It stops at the border

It might be obvious to some, but always worth a reminder: the free transport stops at the border. To consult prices for cross-border transport after 1 March, check here.

First class isn't free

The usual charges will still apply for first class train travel, and will equally apply to cross-border season tickets.

No refunds for unused tickets

If you have bus tickets, now is the time to use them up. Once free public transport comes into force, there will be no refunds, according to the Ministry of Mobility FAQ page.

Machines will remain

Ticket machines will remain in stations and their range of services will be expanded. At this stage in time, we don't know exactly which services will be on offer. However, the tram ticket machines will be dismantled around mid-March.

Celebrate through music

12 mini concerts will take place on 29 February in four stations around the country: Luxembourg City Gare,  Belval/Université station, Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Ettelbruck. The concerts will run between midday and 6pm.

Ambulatory musical interventions" are also planned before the big free concert which will take place at the "Neien Tramsschapp" in Kirchberg from 6pm to 1am, with two stages, food trucks and music.