New data from Eurostat show that Luxembourg has the lowest number of pupils per primary school teacher in the Union.

According to the 2017 data, Luxembourg has 9.0 pupils per primary school teacher; well below the EU average of 14.7. The second- and third-lowest number of pupils per teacher respectively are 9.4 in Greece, and 10.6 in Lithuania.

On the other end of the spectrum, neighbouring France comes in at 19.6, followed by Romania at 19.4, and Czechia at 19.1. As for our other two neighbouring nations, Germany comes in at 15.4, and Belgium at 12.9.

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Do note that the number of pupils per teacher is not to be confused with average class size.


The data above looks at the category "ISCED 1" (International Standard Classification of Education), which encompasses primary school education. A 2018 report published by the European Commission shows that ISCED 1 teachers in Luxembourg have the highest starting salary in the Union, at an average €58,476 per annum.

This is followed by Germany, where they earned €44,327, and Denmark at €37,858. The EU average was €24,404.

Luxembourg's ISCED 1-level teachers also came out in top in terms of the end-of-career level of pay, topping out at €103,332. Germany is again is second place at €58,806, followed by Ireland at €57,940. The EU average was €40,885.