The holiday resort project is still in the pipeline for Weiswampach, despite a referendum three weeks ago in which residents voted unfavourably. RTL has followed up on the story.

The majority of local residents are against the construction of the resort, which will be comprised of a hotel, chalets, and other attractions. However, the mayor and the majority of the aldermen are keen to proceed with the project, despite opposition.
The municipality is split behind the scenes. Four local councillors support the mayor's decision. Henri Rinnen said the referendum had been important to gauge public feeling towards the project, but that it was too late not to go ahead.

The group leading the project would sue if it were to halt at this stage, allegedly seeking 2 million euros in damages if the municipality cancelled it. This would be devastating for the local community.

On the other side, there are plenty who still hope the referendum result will be respected. Pol Holweck, founder of the citizens' initiative in Weiswampach, said they would still oppose the project even if the majority had not voted against it. He confirmed they would continue to campaign against it for environmental reasons, calling it uncontrolled building.

Much could have been done differently in the implementation of the project, which began in 2017 in a year of local elections. If voting laws were slightly different, the project may have encountered more difficulty at the beginning.

Nine aldermen were voted on to the local council. The first three elected were from the opposition party and also heavily opposed the resort project. Henri Rinnen, the mayor, came in fourth place, followed by three more from his party. Pol Holweck was voted in eighth but could not take his place on the council due to the fact his wife was elected in second place - according to law, just one member of a married couple can sit on the council. This meant the opposition lost their majority in favour of Rinnen and his supporters, and those opposing the holiday resort were in the minority.

According to RTL's source, a personal decision could influence the situation in the municipality, but as to which way the decision will fall is currently just speculation. Further details were not forthcoming on Wednesday, but this could change over the coming days.