The digging continues for archaeologists in Schieren - the Roman villa proves to be much bigger than initially expected.

The archaeologists are unearthing parts of the villa that they had not not discovered before, including whole buildings, walls, and pathways. The villa boasts a long bottom part that they are now gradually exploring.

They also found a plastic shovel at the excavation site that they turned it into a talisman for their modern work.

"The villa is much bigger than initially expected," archeologist Lynn Stoffel explains. "Three new buildings were found. They are currently excavating a large building with two entrances."

The bottom part of the villa had walls facing the Alzette and inside of the walled space was probably a meadow and a pathway that the owner had built.

There were no major finds yet apart from pottery with a bird motif, amphora fragments and a rusty piece of metal that is yet to be analysed.