A mere 45 reports on violations have been drawn up in the three years since the anti-smoking law came into effect.

Since the anti-smoking law came into effect in 2017, it has been illegal to smoke on playgrounds, near sports centres frequented by minors, and in cars transporting children younger than the age of 12.

Despite these new measures, it is not clear that things have changed for the better. The Minister of Internal Security, François Bausch, said only 45 reports on violations against the law had been filed since 2017. 15 in 2017, 21 in 2018, and 9 so far in 2019. 13 taxed warnings have been added to these.

Although these figures could lead one to believe that residents of the Grand Duchy are respectful towards the new law, in reality, it is unlikely.

The minister admitted that although police can carry out spontaneous controls, the majority of incidents have only been reported following complaints made to police.

Therefore there is no real campaign preventing infractions against the law, and few efforts made to impose measures which will protect children and young people.