On Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies had a dedicated question round concerning the 5G cellular network. MPs discussed the risks and the opportunities of the new internet technology.

Touted as the next technological breakthrough, 5G networks are promised to be faster and better-performing. Information sent over the network would arrive in real-time, which could be a step in making self-driving possible.

Luxembourg has had a 4G network since 2012. Last year, the government presented its strategy to build up a 5G network. The 5G network will begin to be introduced over the course of 2020, according to the government. The network will allow innovations in different economic sectors.

The CSV requested the question round concerning 5G networks, asking whether there are any long-term effects on health, to which the government responded that there is no data on the subject yet. MPs were unanimous in highlighting that the issue should be continuously monitored.

The European Union is currently situated between the two 5G big players, China and the United States.

According to Xavier Bettel, the costs of building up its own 5G provider in the EU would lay at the €20 million mark. The Prime Minister highlighted that it is impossible to know all the risks involved with introducing a 5G network, but the opportunities are well worth exploring.